Today I’m Wearing: Boyfriendddd!👖

As you’ve probably noticed: I admittedly am a sucker for denim jeans, preferably boyfriend style comfy denim jeans. And what looks best with a simple boyfriend denim look? A simple cotton shirt! I have to admit though that the boyfriend look was partly inspired by Fashion Galleria’s boyfriend look though it of course is a complete different style that I tried to accomplish. I love her boyfriend jeans, the cuts in the material add a relaxed but stylish edge to it and of course the heels…Boyfriend and heels.. Her combi is more suitable for both: day and night. Mine is more meant for shopping, uni or meeting friends for a cup of coffee. Anyway, as I wanted to buy me some pair of boyfriend jeans,  I went on rampage through the cities fashion department stores& second hand stores. What came is a funny coincidence: as I bought my pair at an H&M store like Fashion Galleria, though they are not the same as what Fashion Galleria wears in her pictures. I still am very much in love with them and like the a bit slimmer version of these boyfriend jeans.

But enough talk for now! Here are the pics from my city stroll this afternoon. Its simple, yet I felt that it had the right summery feel to it and can be worn in Spring, Summer & Fall. And I love the red shoes that I bought two years ago in a shop in London!

I hope you have a great week! Enjoy your last working days and do the best out of the weekend. We must live our lives to the fullest! We MUST!



Top: H&M(current collection), boyfriend jeans: H&M, shoes: office girl (London)




Street-Fashion…From Paris, Munich to New York!!!

I love to look at street fashion sites on the www and it never is tiring to get the inspiration from all the different looks and from all the different cities and countries. And that is the point with street fashion on the world wide web: There are so many sites from every big city in this world that fashion from a country like Australia or S.Korea becomes accessible like never before.  And I love the fact that you can get individual inspiration from a complete different culture and fashion style like the very fashionable(I swear!) country such as South Korea. This form of accessibility and mobility to fashion in form of online fashion sites or online fashion shops always amazes me.

But despite the easy access to inspirational fashion looks or even online shopping & buying from different countries and brands, it is also the difficulty that comes with the global fashion world to stand out in this globalized style-crowd. Nevertheless it is up to every individual to wear what you consider as your style and its also up to you to follow fashion trends or even combine both: your personal style and the current or past trends and sometimes even declare a war on the mainstream trends and wear a complete different look.
In any case, here are some exceptional and inspirational street looks that will either turn you on and want to steal that look or inspire you to mess with your closet;)

p.s. since summer is slowly coming to its end…I decided to do a fall-style pictorial in the fashion of the big magazines. They all come up with the new season trends pretty much ahead of the covered season.



–>New York : What can I say? I’m full of envy..?Sigh..Its -just-so-perfect. (source:


–>New York : Love the red leather jacket! Definitely a must-have for the upcoming fall-season!!! (source:


–>New York: I like how she transformed this woodcutter-shirt into something chic! The combination of black trousers, a golden belt and a nightblue-shirt underneath make it to chic and modern city look. You can wear this outfit either to work or for a city stroll. Definitely an inspiration for my next fall-look. (source:


–>Munich(Germany): I like this chic but sophisticated look. I also love the multilayered bag, the brown Zara-jackett and the beige scarf that suits the whole brown-black ensemble of her outfit. All in all: I’m in love with this simple but still eye-catching fall style. (source:


–> Munich: I sooo loveee the bag! I wish I would know the brand of it…sigh..Also love the dark red coat. (source:


–>Paris: Is anyone in love with this stripe-outfit too??? (source:


–>Paris..( A mysterious look that wants to be stolen;)


–>Berlin: Wow! Love absolutely everything about this outfit! (source: 


–>Berlin: I know its actually not an autumn outfit, but I fell in love with simple white black colors and yet a gorgeous elegant chic look that came out of it! I wish my hair were I could wear ma hair like hers..oh well.. (source:

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and would love to hear your thoughts on these streetstyle-looks!



I Wear: City Vintage Style!

Today I’m going for a casual vintage-inspired look that is comfortable to wear, perfect for an open air film evening with friends under the clear star-filled sky. Even though it will be in the late evening when we meet, the night gets dark around 10.30 pm so I chose a gold necklace  to accompany my simple black + denim outfit for the night. The black leather belt with the golden clip, I think, also goes well with the golden-colored necklace. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the film-art-documentary about street graffiti art and its artists called “Exit Through the Gift Shop”.

Here are the vintage-facts:

black body: Bershka (Spanish brand–>similar to H&M)

denim shorts: Vintage

black-golden belt: Vintage

Chelsea boots: Görtz

necklace: Accessoires (an English chain I believe)



Looking forward to your comments!



Chic Style 4 Work & Co.!💄

I’ve been quite busy with uni & work that got me off blogging for a while. But now I’ m back, and would like to present three outfits that I’ve worn in the past two weeks to events such as the art exhibition at Frankfurt’s Modern Museum, a work dinner and an after work party at Living;) I usually keep it casual but when you go out in Frankfurt especially to ‘formal’ work related events you gotta stick to this ‘certain’ dress code, which is classy or/and elegant. I do admit though, that I tend to buy clothes that fit the casual style more than the modern & elegant haute couture-type of style. What I do like about this styling though is that its looks and feels very feminine and a reason to get my high heels out of my closet and actually wear them once in a while;) And I think you would all agree with me on that: high heels compliment every woman and add more sexiness to the way she moves in heels, adding a little bit of swing to the hips;)

I would love to read YOUR opinion on my outfit choices!;)







Favorite Fashion Items I Want In My Shopping-Bag!!💋

As I promised I’m posting some of my recent fashion discoveries which I spotted on my inspirational fashion route through the world wide web’s fashion magazines & online shops. I know I can’t buy all the things I want, but getting inspiration alone is often(not always) very satisfying as well;) Of course, if I had the means(3 credit cards +) and no rational part in my brain, where paying bills etc. is even unheard of or basically ignored, I would probably live the life of Rebecca Bloomwood from ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ and spent every penny on Designer clothes while living in one of the coolest cities in the world: NYC. Who now thinks that Isla Fisher aka Rebecca had an awesome life before the movie took into a different more romantic direction, raise your hands! Anyway, there are a bunch of online magazines and online shopping sites that I frequently browse for inspiration and shopping itself, and its always cool to get inspired through new looks and new styles. I especially like , and Harper’s Bazaar for their chic and exceptional modern style. And when I order something online, it happens either through English fashion stores such as, etc. or Spanish online stores such as:,, and other online international fashion stores like the recently discovered & already bookmarked Korean website: Kpopsicle is quite cool, especially if you look for a modern cool look or like cute dresses etc. and some cutesy stuff in general. Kpopsicle is basically a mix of urban outfitters, topshop and asos, and the prices vary between 30-70 dollars for a shirt/blouse and 70-170 dollars for a jacket. But they do ship worldwide, that is why I wanted to include this Korean shopping site. Well, enough talk – HERE are my new-found fashion discoveries that are worth a look!



p.s. I love reading and replying to your comments, so please comment or like;)





























Harper’s Bazaar




Today I’m wearing..

Today I’m going for a simple look that basically is “just” denim shorts, a long-sleeve shirt and Chelsea boots.
As I really like to feel comfy in my clothes I usually tend to buy clothes that will fit into my own casual style agenda:) And sometimes- I even recycle my old clothes like jeans to shorts, because I hate waste and love to use my imagination and my creativity with stuff that you would usually throw into the bin or just not wear them at all – simply because you don’t know what to do with some old unfashionable clothes. That is a large percentage of my shorts was once some used jeans which belonged to either my mom or myself. So guys use your old clothes and transform them into a new outfit! You will love them much more because you we’re the designer; the developer; the creative mind!

Please comment or like it;) I always love to hear from you!!


Shirt: Zara.
shorts: Vintage- my old jeans.
Boots: Akira(Görtz)
Bag: Vintage.



“The only thing…

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” Jordan Belfort.

     I discovered this quote today while riding the tram and browsing the web for some inspiration..and it seriously hit me like a lightning. It certainly made me think about my ‘attitude’ or my ‘approach’ towards some dreams and goals that seemed too difficult to achieve back then and which I kinda pushed away because I thought I couldn’t accomplish it anyway.. Now I start thinking- that maybe- I was wrong. It was the uncertainty, the insecurity and maybe also some portion of laziness to get out of my comfort zone, that made me push these thoughts into the very back of my subconsciousness. Of course I had realized why I did some of my past’s mistakes etc. before…But this quote kinda hit a nerve..In a positive kind of way..

What do you think? Are there things that you really want(-ed) to do, but thought you could never ever accomplish  because you lacked the talent/motivation or simply because you were insecure..? Do you think differently about it now? Tell me about it! I really would love to read your comments!:)